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About company


The founder of the brand AURORA was a native of the countries of the former USSR, a young and energetic man who dreamed of improving the lives of his compatriots and giving them the opportunity to use high-quality household appliances. During this period, the concept of the brand, its mission and goals were formed. The brand name was chosen in honour of the goddess of the morning dawn, and the main logo symbolizing the sail – it is the desire to move towards the light and the beginning of a new day, and the people`s hopes for the better.

Now Head Office is in Prague (Czech Republic)/ There is very convenient to logistic and relations with our partners.

AURORA`s brand Mission is to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy life, spend more time with their family, loved ones and friends, spend time on their hobbies, and AURORA will take care of home and kitchen. All the appliances we produce are designed to meet the needs of our customers, and as the needs grow, we offer more and more innovative products. We follow the novelties of the market, demand in every sphere of our life and we try to satisfy every need as quickly as possible. Therefore, each new AURORA product is developed and researched from all points of view – utility, ecology, safety, accessibility for all social layers. Focusing on the consumer is an integral part of the AURORA development strategy.

After all, each of our products is the embodiment of buyers` hopes and dreams for a more comfortable and pleasant life.