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Coffee maker AU 3143

Power, W — 680;
Body material — Plastic;
Main color — Black;
Volume, l — 1,25;
Operation indicator — +;
Flask for coffee — +;

Always hot coffee

Heated flask with prepeared drink does not allow your coffee to cool even after a long time after preparation.

10 cups of invigorating coffee

A coffee maker can make up to 10 servings of coffee in one cycle of work, so it is ideal for a family where there are several coffee lovers or for the office.

Ground coffee filter

Removable reusable filter for ground coffee or tea is easy to clean.

Capacity for drink

The glass flask is designed for 10 cups. The design of the flask helps preserve the aroma and temperature of the coffee inside for a longer time.

• Drip coffee maker AU3143 is a reliable and simple assistant in the preparation of fresh and saturated coffee. 
• The coffee maker can prepare up to 10 cups of coffe during one working cycle. That is why it is a perfect choice for home use, where there are several coffee lovers or for the office.

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Flask for coffee
Removable filter
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