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Electric kettle AU 336

Power, W — 1750;
Body material — stainless steel;plastic;
Volume, l — 1,8;
Operation indicator — +;
Water level scale — Internal;
Cord storage compartment — +;


Fast boiling

A cordless kettle with a double-layer body made of stainless steel and heat-resistant plastic can boil 1.7 liters of water in less than 7 minutes. The stainless steel disc heating element is easy to clean and does not corrode.

Water level indicator

The internal scale of the water level allows you to pour the right amount of water or boil only one cup.

Indication of work and automatic shutdown

When the kettle is working, the operation indicator light turnes on. After boiling water the kettle turns off automatically. This electric kettle has a protection against dry boiling.

Smooth opening system

Pressing the button smoothly opens the lid. The system is safe and allows you to reduce the risk of burning yourself with boiling water or steam.

• Modern ergonomic design. The excellent stainless steel kettle AU336 is made of very high quality materials. 
• A wireless kettle with large capacity - 1.7 L is big enough to boil water for 8 cups at a time, making it ideal for your entire family. 
• The power of 1750 watts allows you to quickly enjoy coffee and tea. The water level indicator allows you to fill in the right amount of water or boil only one cup very quickly. 
• Automatic shutdown. This electric kettle has protection from dry boiling. After boiling water, the kettle switches itself off. 
• The removable filter retains the excellent taste of the drink, and it is ideal for those who live in areas with hard water. Easy to clean by natural cleansing with boiling water using lemon solution. 
• Large enough diameter of inlet, which adds convenience and simplifies the process of cleaning the kettle.

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Power, W
Body material
stainless steel;plastic
Volume, l
Operation indicator
Water level scale
Cord storage compartment
Auto power off
Heating element
hidden (disk)
Filter type
360º rotation
Connection to the mains via stand
Cap lock
Automatic shut-off without water